Everyday Heroes ASSEMBLE!!!

Welcome to HeroFit!  Our mission is to build YOU up, the Everyday Hero, through expert personal training and nutrition advice.  Please visit our blog for client testimonials, recipes, training methods, and information about the services we offer.  If you like what you see, head on over to our Memberships page to look at the available terms and pricing for our personal training services.

HeroFit is a no-judgement personal training organization.  I am your trainer, Joe Wilkinson, and I turned my life around after 38 years of bad nutrition and a sedentary lifestyle.  I KNOW how much of a struggle it is to change a lifetime of bad habits, and I know you don’t want a personal training experience where you are being yelled at and not listened to.

You also don’t want to trade enjoying food for reaching your goals.  You don’t have to give up the things you enjoy to get healthy.  I can teach you how to moderate your diet and to fuel your workouts without sacrificing flavor or satisfaction.

Wherever you are on your fitness journey, I can help.  I can show you how to improve your cardiovascular fitness, balance, muscular endurance, strength, speed and agility, and/or add lean muscle mass.  Whatever your goals, I believe that improving your physical fitness also has mental and spiritual benefits as well.  Achieving health will change EVERY aspect of your life for the better.

We all have people in our lives that we serve, whether it be a significant other, kids, our employer and coworkers, or customers.  When we become more fit and functional physically and mentally, we can ALL be Everyday Heroes to the people in our lives.

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About HeroFit

Welcome to HeroFit.net! My name is Joe Wilkinson, and I founded this company in 2018 because I wanted to share my fitness journey with others and hopefully inspire them to be the hero of their own stories.

My own adventures in fitness started late in life, the first time after a divorce in 2007.  At the time I weighed the most I ever did, a whopping 320 pounds.  On a 5’8″ frame, that is a lot of baggage to carry around.  Over the course of three years, I got myself down to 240 lbs. or so, and I could already see a huge difference in my energy, mental state, productivity, and even spiritually.

During that time I met my dream girl  and her two kids, and my progress so far gave me the confidence to attempt to woo this lady who was WAY out of my league.  We married in 2009 in Vegas, and soon discovered that what happens in Vegas doesn’t ALWAYS stay in Vegas.  9 months later, our daughter was born!

I put back on 46 pounds during my wife’s pregnancy, and not long after I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes.  Having this new family to love and support made me realize that I had to make drastic changes if I wanted to live to see my baby girl grow up and follow her dreams.  Whether I deserved it or not, this little being looked at Daddy as her hero, and I had to live up to that and be the best version of myself.

With the help of a nutritionist and a LOT of research, I developed a fitness strategy that that I could attack consistently.  I am now down to 190 lbs, and still working to get stronger and put on more muscle.  I look at this as a lifestyle now; it’s not something you do until you hit your goal and then rest on your laurels.  I’m not going to lie; it is a LOT of work, and takes determination and willpower.  But not everyone has the support system that I was blessed to have.

I founded HeroFit because I realized I could BE the support system for those who need it, to help them reach their fitness goals and change their lives for the better.  I still have my day job, but if I can help just ten clients at a time make a massive improvement in  their lives, maybe THEY can be heroes for THEIR partners, families, employers, and communities.

And that’s why HeroFit is here.  To build Everyday Heroes that inspire, provide for,  serve, and protect the people in their lives.


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