At HeroFit, we want to inspire you to be the Hero of your own story.

However, there are many stories we can tell ourselves to justify why we shouldn’t do something difficult, like getting on the right track to good health.  Things like, “I’m too self-conscious about my weight to go to the gym where everybody is already in shape”, “I just don’t have the time”, or “Personal trainers are too expensive!”  But these stories don’t have a happy ending.  You’re the Hero. You get to decide the ending.

But we hear you!  That’s why our memberships are priced competitively and set up so that your schedule and wallet will be happy.  We can schedule your sessions from week to week on the fly, whether you prefer to train before work between 5 to 7, or after work between 5 and 10 pm (After work is preferable, because it makes it easier to fuel your workouts with the correct nutrition).

As for our prices, you can choose to pay per session, per week at different frequencies, one month at a time, or choose longer-term agreements and pay monthly.  The longer membership you commit to, the better discount you get.  See below for the details of each plan.

Oh, and you may be asking “Why the funny names?”  Because we are huge comic book geeks here.  Each plan is named for a type of superhero. 🙂

Batman and Robin or trademarked and copyrighted by DC Comics. Herofit Georgia, LLC has no affiliation.

Sidekick: $40/session
Every hero’s gotta start somewhere!  And every sidekick needs a mentor.  The sidekick level is for those who just want to check out a couple of sessions and see if your HeroFit trainer is a good fit.  The cost is very competitive with
industry norms.





Daredevil and Elecktra are trademarked and copyrighted by Marvel Comics. HeroFit GA LLC has no affiliation.

Brawler: $90/week, 3 sessions
Heroes like Daredevil and Elektra here rely on their wits and amazing fighting skills, not so much on superpowers, to survive taking down the bad guys on the street level.  Like this duo, we will train your body towards its full potential at three supervised workout sessions per week.  We cant turn you into an expert martial artist, but we sure improve your balance, strength, and agility! This plan is good if you want to have a week supervised followed by a week of solo workouts.







Professor X and the X-men are trademarked by Marvel Comics. HeroFit GA, LLC has no affiliation.

Mutant: $100/week, 4 sessions
Mutants, like the X-men, led by Professor X are born with the potential for great power that manifests later in life.  Guess what? So are you!  Did you know that a muscle by itself actually produces no force against an object?  What actually drives the movement is your Central Nervous System.  So when you train your system to lift heavier weight, you ARE MOVING OBJECTS WITH YOUR BRAIN.






The Flash is trademarked and copyrighted by DC Comics. HeroFit GA, LLC has no affiliation.

Speedster:  $110/wk, 5 Sessions
You are a beast if you want to train 5 days a week! This frequency is great for clients training for hypertrophy, or increasing lean muscle mass.  And all that extra cardio is going to make you lean and mean, but you’ll need to be speedy like The Flash to make it to all five!







Cyclops and the X-men are trademarked and copyrighted by Marvel Comics. HeroFit GA LLC has no affiliation.

Blaster: $320, 1-Month Term 
All right, so I can’t promise you’ll be able to shoot frickin’ laser beams out of your eyes, but I can promise you more energy for your family,  career, and all the other stuff you have to tackle in this life.  When you go monthly, YOU choose the # of sessions per week, and I’ll make sure you always hit your target!






The Martian Manhunter is trademarked and copyrighted by DC Comics. HeroFit GA, LLC has no affiliation.

Shape-shifter: $300/mo 3-mo. Term
The Martian Manhunter has a ridiculous number of powers.  But the coolest in my opinion is he has the ability to completely change his shape, mass, and density.  He can become a completely different person!  You too have the power to change your shape, and I will make sure you have the willpower to make amazing things happen!  The number of sessions per week are again, your choice.








Luke Cage A.K.A Power Man is trademarked and copyrighted by Marvel Comics. HeroFit GA LLC has no affiliation.

Powerhouse: $240/mo 6-mo term
My man Luke Cage is one baaad mother-SHUT YO MOUTH!  If you think he’s strong in the hit Netflix series, you should open a comic book.  These days he is regularly tossing semi trucks around like they’re Hot Wheels!  With the strength you can build working with HeroFit, nothing will stand in your way either!








Captain Marvel is trademarked and copyrighted by Marvel Comics. HeroFit GA, LLC has no affiliation.

Cosmic: $160/mo 12-mo. term
Cosmic-level heroes are the most powerful around, and Captain Marvel is one of the best around.  She’s got her own movie hitting theatres next year, because pop culture needs more badass women front and center!  These heroes have been gifted with enormous power, with the character to use it for good and make the universe a safer place.  If you’re committing to a whole year of training you will have the power to make a difference, too!  And folks, you cannot beat this deal anywhere in the galaxy!

That’s what we have to offer, true believers!  When you’re ready to make your choice, email us at!






Superhero Family

Incredible Family Plan: First Member’s Cost X 1.5

Super-Hero families, such as the Fantastic Four  and The Incredibles totally a thing! For this reason we are offering a membership for other members  of your family at half the cost of the first member’s plan.  Group fitness provides extra accountability to stay on track, and group workouts are fun!