The Training

As a trainer certified by the National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM), HeroFit’s personal training system follows the Optimum Performance Model, pictured below.

This system is tailored specifically to the individual client, and some levels of training do not apply to some clients depending on their fitness goals.  The three levels are Stabilization, Strength, and Power, which are divided into assorted phases.  The Fitness Assessment the client will receive on Day 1 will determine which phase to begin in and the duration of that phase.

  • Stabilization – This level of training is where most clients will begin, unless they have already achieved an advanced level of fitness.  This phase focuses on working through any muscle imbalances the client may have developed from injuries, a sedentary job, lower back pain, or poor posture.  The training in this phase will focus on improving balance, posture, and developing core strength. Training will include cardio, foam rolling, static stretching, some core and plyometrics, and resistance training using low weight and a high number of repetitions.  For most clients, this phase will last four weeks.
  • Strength: Endurance – This phase focuses on building muscular endurance, and will consist of foam rolling, dynamic stretching, core work, cardio, speed and agility drills, and more advanced plyometric exercises and weight training with shorter rest periods.  Weights will still be lighter with a higher number of reps.  Clients interested only in weight loss may just go back and forth between this phase and phase 1.
  • Strength: Hypertrophy – This phase utilizes more challenging resistance training using heavier weights than Phase 1 with a moderate number of repetitions and moderate rest periods.  The purpose is to build more lean muscle mass.  This makes your muscles larger and more defined.  Although some clients may not be looking to “get swole” as the gym bros say, increasing lean muscle mass will also burn more calories even while resting, so weight loss clients would benefit from this too.
  • Strength: Maximal Strength – This phase, as you may guess, focuses on building physical strength.  Many of the same techniques from previous phases will be used, but the resistance training will be using heavier weights (appropriate to the client!) with a lower number of reps, and also longer rest times.
  • Power – The power phase builds on everything that has come before.  Clients who wish to improve performance in sports will be interested in this phase.  The training is designed to develop your body to produce the maximum amount of force in the shortest amount of time.  There will be a lot of use of medicine balls, weights lifted with maximum effort as quickly as possible, and increased use of speed and agility drills. 

Nutrition Coaching

HeroFit does not provide certified nutrition counseling at this time. What we CAN offer is advice on managing your nutrition to achieve your weight loss, gain, or maintenance goals.

The smartphone app that was most beneficial to me in my journey was MyFitnessPal.  The app has an excellent database of menu items from many restaurants, and can scan barcodes of the foods you use while cooking at home.  Produce and meat items from the grocery store are in the app as well, with accurate nutrition information.  As your trainer, I am available throughout the day for advice by email and phone to support you in your nutrition goals.On workout days, we will do check-ins on your progress using MyFitnessPal to log your food and beverages (Yes, those count too!).

Until I get my nutrition coach certification, I can’t provide a full diet plan for clients.  But please check out our blog for suggested healthy recipes.  I PROMISE you, you don’t have to sacrifice flavor and satisfaction from food for healthy eating!  All that’s required is some substitutions of cooking methods and ingredients.